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CLEARS Client Eligibility and Reporting System


  1. Managing resident eligibility and enrollment for various health and human service programs is a critical function. To streamline this process, iVision Solutions offers the Client Eligibility and Reporting System CLEARS). This revolutionary interface maximizes productivity by providing easy access to eligibility information, improved data management and controlled data visibility across departments through custom, centralized web based solution

  2. CLEARS reduces fraud and duplication of work through data transparency across all departments or community programs, it manages workflow to determine the status of an application, provides access to all the information within a few clicks and manages access to the information using password protection.

  3. Provides a seamless web-enabled interface to maintain all eligibility related programs in the county/city.

  4. It provides reports, statistics, verification details and audits on all the data captured by the system.



  1. Completely customizable web based streamlined eligibility system.

  2. Provides a common interface for all eligibility related programs to enter data.

  3. It provides data transparency throughout the various departments.

  4. Since all the eligibility programs serve almost the same demographic in a county, you can avoid duplication of demographic information.

  5. You can access any information within a few clicks.

  6. It provides total security of data in form of user authorization.

  7. It can maintain unlimited number of history and audit records.

  8. It reduces fraud by providing data to all users using the system.

  9. ALERTS keep all users aware of critical changes to an applicant case.


Can this Software be customized?

YES, this software is 100 % customizable.


How much does this software cost?

Cost depends on how much customization is involved. There might be a need to purchase servers and database licenses. Once we evaluate your IT infrastructure, we can propose a price that works within your budget.


What kind of hardware cost may we be looking at?

Hardware costs vary on what IT infrastructure you already have in place. We can do an evaluation for you and come up with an estimate.


What about data security?

This is HIPPA compliant software. It has multiple levels of security that makes sure that all measures are taken to block unauthorized access.


How long does it take to implement this software? Will implementation require downtime?

The implementation time is variable but does not require downtime. We work to deliver the system after your business hours.


How do you implement the system? Do I need to be concerned about losing data?

We guarantee 100% data integrity. We also provide data migration services to move your existing data onto the CLEARS database.


Do you offer a system training program?

Yes! With every implementation we provide a system training manual and training sessions to get your users comfortable with the system. We also offer train-the-trainer sessions for your IT department.


What if we don’t have an IT department?

iVision Solutions can act as your IT department.


Will iVision host our system for us?

Yes. If your server does not allow the hosting of this type of system, iVision Solutions will host it for you. This incurs a monthly hosting cost in addition to the system cost.


What if we have an issue with the system? Do you have a technical support phone number?

Yes, we are available via phone and email to intercept any concerns your users may have. Also, our software includes an issues reporting interface that allows your users to report any issue or concern they may encounter from the program itself. This interface sends an immediate alert to an iVision Solutions representative and your IT representative. This eliminates the need to stop and look up a phone number or email address saving you time and money.


What hardware/software do we need to use the system?

On the server side you will need at least 2 servers to install the database and the web server (along with software from Microsoft and Oracle) and on the client side all you will need is a computer, an internet/intranet connection and a plug-in from ORACLE.


What if our needs change?

We expect your needs to change. As your database management partner we will be engaged with your team on a regular basis to anticipate those changes and update your system to accommodate them.


*The base system offers the dashboard (without the alerts, workflow and statistics module). The search screen and case details screen along with all the functionality are included. The audit trail module is not included in the base system.